Taxonomy – Technical screening criteria


The Association of German Public Insurers welcomes the consultation of the European Commission on the draft for a delegated act of the Taxonomy Regulation (EU 2020/852). As Germany’s second largest primary insurance provider with a strong regional presence, the group is committed to constructive dialogue in the interests of all market participants and of a stable European and global insurance sector.

The Association of German Public Insurers refers to the response of the German Insurance Association (GDV). All German public insurers are members of GDV and support its response. However, this statement highlights aspects that are particularly important for the public insurers.

The public insurers are signatories of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI) and take environmental, social and governance principles into account in their investment decisions. In this light, the public insurers welcome the Taxonomy Regulation as instrument for directing capital flows into sustainable investment projects. For a successful implementation of the Taxonomy Regulation, the public insurers identify three key factors.

Contact Persons

Dr Wolfgang Eichert
Department of Political Affairs
Head of EU Representative Office Brussels

T+32 47 6830971

Dr Christian Schwirten
Department of Political Affairs
and EU Representative Office Brussels
Head of Department

T+49 30 22 60 549-22


Detailed statement (PDF)

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